Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Outer Tunic Mockup - All Together

With the binding on the collar, I'm pretty happy with the over all look of how the outer tunic turned out. There are definitely a few things I may yet need to tweak, but we'll see how things look with the tabards and obi before I decide what to change or adjust.  And pardon the visible stitch on the collar.  It's a mockup, so I took the easy route to get it on there for now.  The actual costume will have hidden stitches on the outer tunic collar.

But a couple things I might change would be tapering the side seams in just a wee bit more at the waist, to help cut down on some of the gathering on the back panel of the tunic when the obi is put on. I have a few more curves than men do, so it might make the overall look of the costume a little better if it was tailored around the waist just a wee bit more, but we'll see how it looks with the tabards and obi before I decide on that. And it does look a little better on me than on the dress form.

I might also extend the wrap of the front panel a wee bit, so I have a little bit more overlap in the front panels of the skirt once everything is hemmed. But again, we'll see. But so far, I'm very happy with how things are looking!

So, on to the tabards this weekend!

Additional Pictures:

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