Sunday, December 26, 2010

Outer Tunic Research

So, a little on the outer tunic.  We know from the picture on the inner tunic research that the front of the outer tunic is not lined, hence the reason Ewan wore the dickie inner tunic.  And I'm assuming that the back of the outer tunic is not lined as well, again, the reason for the dickie inner tunic from the movie. 

However, we do know that the sleeves are lined.  I'm assuming so that they will flow better over the inner tunic sleeves.

But I have seen some debate over whether or not the skirt of the outer tunic was lined.  It would make sense for it to be lined, since it doesn't seem to stick to his pants much, but then this is movie magic, just reshoot the scene if the skirt gets stuck to the pants.  And websites I've looked at had pictures posted that hinted there might be a lining in the skirt, but it was hard to tell for sure. 

Then there was the picture that someone took at one of the costume exhibits while laying on her back and looking up under the skirt of the costume.  An Obi-Wan kilt check.  I love it!  But the picture looked like there was lining under the skirt of the over tunic. 

Finally, I hauled out my DVD, and yup, no doubt about it, that skirt is definitely lined!  I never noticed this before, until I was actually paying attention to his costume, and I had to laugh.  I'm surprised this scene didn't get reshot, considering the skirt is stuck on his belt!

So the skirt of the outer tunic is lined, but it looks like it is hemmed separately from the skirt fabric.  Yet, whenever we see Obi-Wan fighting, we only see one piece of fabric spinning around, not two.  So the lining must be tacked to the skirt somewhere, because the two pieces definitely flow as one.

And sure enough, it appears to be tacked to the hem of the skirt in the back, at least in the middle. 

And from a video taken by one of the guys at Crazy Old Wizards, when he got to actually examine the costume at one of the exhibits (lucky man), the lining is tacked down to the hem along the front of the skirt as well.

There's also been some debate about whether or not there is a waist line seam on the outer tunic that's hidden by the obi.  There is a picture of a waist line seam peeking out from under the obi on Mace Windu's costume, but we don't have proof like this for Obi-Wan's costume.  But I think the fact that Obi-Wan's outer tunic is not lined in front and back, but is lined in the skirt, is a pretty good indication that there is a waist seam on his outer tunic underneath his obi.

The skirt of his outer tunic is fairly full too, because he gets some serious spin on that thing while fighting!

Just watch the Mustafar fight, and you'll see what I mean.  And since Obi-Wan's tabards end at his belt in the back, unlike Anakin's, that's definitely tunic skirt twirling around.  So I'm all the more convinced that there is a waist seam hidden under the obi, and I will be building my outer tunic in a similar fashion.

I'm also beginning to think the back of the over tunic skirt is pleated a bit at the waist, to give it some of it's fullness.  I don't believe the front of the skirt is pleated at the waist, because it seems to lay fairly flat, with some random wrinkles around the obi.

While from the back, the way the skirt hangs, and the gathers in the fabric peeking out from under the bottom of the obi look a little too uniform not to be slightly pleated.  And pleats would help explain the fullness of the outer tunic skirt, since I don't think just flaring out the side seams would give it that kind of fullness and that much spin during fight scenes.

Another thing I've noticed with the collar of the outer tunic, is that there is no seam in the collar at the back of the neck like there is in the Simplicity 4450 pattern.  So that is definitely something I will be changing with the pattern, as no seam is more screen correct and no seam just plain looks nicer.

We also know that the collar on the outer tunic ends at the waist seam and does not extend all the way down to the bottom hem of the outer tunic like the pattern calls for.  Of course, now I can't find the pictures that I saw that proved this, but I do remember seeing it and it has been mentioned by others who have replicated Obi-Wan's Revenge of the Sith garb.  So I'll be doing the same with mine as well. 

So, with all that said, I have a mockup of the outer tunic just about done.  But considering it's getting late, and I have to clean up at least some of the fabric disaster in my living room, I'll have to put together the outer tunic mockup blog tomorrow. 

"Yes, well, if you could tell time half as well as you could stick a landing, we wouldn't be behind schedule now would we."
- Obi-Wan Kenobi  (Clone Wars - Hunt for Ziro)

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